Muscle Strains & Sprains

Muscle Strains & Sprains

Overcoming muscle sprains and strains: A guide to a strong recovery

It’s that time of year again. With soccer and football season in full effect, we are seeing the rolled ankles, strains, and sprains coming into the clinic. There is nothing worse than prepping for a big season ahead and being side-lined with an injury. 

But what are the key things that you should do following a muscle or ligament injury? Read on to find out when to seek help, and what you should do to future-proof yourself from injuries. 

The importance of knowing the signs of a strain or sprain:

Often, injuries happen either when you are in training, or on the field playing a game. There is a sudden pain that stops you in your tracks.  

The pain is noticeable with some or all the following signs and symptoms:

  • A high degree of pain that you cannot continue with.
  • Immediate swelling and bruising to the affected area.
  • Trouble moving the area.
  • Something stopping you from continuing, even when you try to “walk it off.”

The road to recovery: key steps to future-proof yourself against injuries

Muscle strains affect the tendon or muscle. These can happen when we are fatigued from overtraining or have a sudden load in the muscle or tendon due to other factors, such as sprinters pulling a hamstring or soccer players straining a hip flexor with a long ball.

Ligament sprains often happen when a ligament is stressed beyond its normal range, such as when rolling an ankle. Regardless of whether it’s a strained muscle or a ligament sprain, we have a proven formula that has helped thousands of patients here at Health Collab in the past:

  1. Diagnosis – Its extremely important to know what you have done.
  2. Protection – Important to deload the area so that it can heal.
  3. Regain Mobility – Get the area moving better.
  4. Get stable – learn how to control the area again. This takes time and is often rushed or overlooked.
  5. Get strong – Rebuild the strength to get you back on the pitch.
  6. Return to sport – A gradual reintroduction of your sporting activities so that you build the confidence you need to get back on the pitch.

Trusting the experts: how Health Collab can help you recover

Sprains and strains can feel debilitating. It can be a slow, frustrating process trying to manage these types of injuries. At Health Collab, we have the skill and the experience to assist you, guiding you each step of the way so that you are confident enough, trusting your body to perform at its best.

If you have a niggly injury that is holding you up, feel free to call us on 8781 4288, and we will provide all the help that you need.  By following the steps above and trusting in the experts at Health Collab, you can ensure a strong recovery from any injury. Don’t let a sprain or strain side-line you from your favourite activities.  Act now to get back on track.

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